October 21, 2010

Ribbon Gathered Skirt Tutorial Part 1

 First off am I the only one frustrated with Bloggers new picture uploader thing? 
GA! I really don't like it. 
Ok, on to the tutorial....
Thanks for letting me scream for a second. 

Lets gather some materials shall we?
Top layer of Skirt 12"x 44"
Bottom layer of Skirt 13 1/2"x 44"
Waistband 6 1/2"x 44" 
22" length of 1" elastic
1 yard of coordinating ribbon
That's it now lets get started. 

The top layer of skirt 
(I'll confess this was a scrap in the bottom of my fabric bin.
And I didn't wash it!
I'm sure you notice all the lines from folding...)

Hem the bottom of the top layer of skirt. 
Match pattern if necessary, then sew together to make your skirt. 
Sew in an 1 3/4". 
I was shooing for 1 1/2" but I eyeballed it. 
Either one will work.  
Now open up your skirt and open the seam selvage. 

Turn it under, like pictured above. 
Sew them down. 
Make sure not to sew the skirt together!!
Here's what the inside looks like. 
Here's what the outside looks like!  
Now gather up your ribbon and weave it through like so:
Up then down. 
Baste the ribbon down where the pin is. 
The rest of this tutorial will have to wait until tomorrow!!! 
The picture uploader has really made me angry....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so clever!!! unexposed seams and a channel!!! pure genius!!!!

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