October 17, 2010

Mickey Mouse Crochet

 I can't remember if I ever showed this to you, 
so I thought, just in case I would show you. 
I made this for my daughter last Christmas.
Because Mickey Mouse is her favorite......
I made it without a pattern and well, 
just trial and error.
 I love, love, love his hands. 
It only took me about 400 tries to get the face right. 
My mom says he looks like retro Mickey,
but I kinda like that. 

I'm am just excited that she still loves him and plays with him all the time.
No matter how many hand cramps I got because of this,
or how many times I had to take out all my stitches, 
she loves him, 
and I count that as 

Time well spent.


The Dirt Road Diva said...

That is amazing! I'm in awe of your ability!

Kari said...

Awesome Mickey!

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