September 01, 2010

Simple Fabric Play Tent

There are so many of these plat tent tutorials, 
but I guess I would say that mine is the easy way to do this. 
It didn't take me very long to do this, actually the hardest part was hanging this up in 
K's room. 
This sheet set I got at Walmart for $3.50. 
I had no idea what I was going to do with these sheets, but for $3.50? 
I just had to get them.
So wash them and get them ready!

This is the bag that the sheets came in. I decided to use it for a bag inside the tent.

Lay out the bag like pictured above, then sew like pictured below. 
Make sure NOT to sew through both sides of the bag.
You still want this to be a bag!

I made another pocket in the side of the tent with a scrap piece of fabric. 
It measures, 11"x13".

I sewed it onto the flat sheet. Near the bottom, about 18" from the bottom. 
Leaving the top open!! 
 I sewed the bag that the sheets came in, on the flat sheet as well. 
In about the same location as the red pocket. 
Maybe a little higher. 
Sew the top then down the center of the bag. 

I didn't take this picture until after the tent was already done, 
but you get the idea.
This is the hem for where the hula hoop will go. 
This is on the 'top' of the flat sheet.
Make this casing about 2".  

Cut the elastic out of the fitted sheet and cut the corners so it will lay flat. 
Fold the sheet like you are going to cut a circle skirt. 
This is how I cut the circle for the top, but I wish I would have done something else. 
I didn't follow the hula hoop because I didn't want a scalloped edge, 
I wanted a circle. 
Unfortunately this didn't result in a great circle,
this turned out to be more like a rounded off square. 
Still worked though!!
I gathered the edge using 'tension gathering'
(crank up the thread tension on your machine, and change to the biggest stitch)

Sew the gathered edge of the circle to the flat sheet.
Where the casing is.  
That's what this picture is of, below. 
Take off any of the ribbon on the outside of the hula hoop. 
You might get lucky and not have to cut the hoop.
Thread the hula hoop through the casing to make this awesome tent round. 

Gather up the top, wrap some wire around it. 
I added a bow just because the wire was ugly. 

The top from the inside. 

She really likes it. 
She wants to sleep in it!
But I am not so sure about that. 
We used a hook in the ceiling and more wire from the top of the tent to the hook.
I also covered that with ribbon, because gray wire is slightly boring. 


Heather Feather said...

This is really cute! I bet your kids will love this! I really love the fabric you found and for such a great price!

Beth said...

Fun! said...

Great idea and I love how easy it is! Thanks so much, I'll be linking to this.

Callipygian said...

I would have loved this as a kid. Heck, I might enjoy it now!

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