August 15, 2010

Workout Short Tutorial

I told you I would have this up yesterday, but I'll give you an excuse later in the post! 
This is what I started with, but really anything can be used.
knit, cotton, tweed, wool, whatever! 
So I cut my pattern pieces, 
front and backs, waistband, and trim. 
The front and back pieces are the same.

I added my trim. I first sewed it like pictured above, 
right along the edge....

 then turned it under like pictured above.

The back pieces I only sewed the trim until about 2"-3" up the side.

I sewed the front and the backs together. Follow your line from where the trim was sewn on. 
Sew until the curve.

Lay right sides together and sew following the white lines.

Sew the crouch, again following the white lines.

For the waistband, because I didn't know how long I needed it to be. I cut a piece of fabric lots longer than was needed. Sew on the waistband, but start maybe 1" from the edge of the fabric. 
Sew all the way around and meet up with where you started sewing.

(Just a close up) 
Then sew them up to complete your waistband.
Hopefully that made sense!! 

Gather up some elastic, I used approximately 20" of 1" elastic. 
This is necessarily the "proper" way to sew on elastic, but I just went for it. 
Sew your elastic together,
(not pictured)
 to create a circle, ends overlapping. 
Sew the elastic and the casing together.

Like so. Make sure not to sew through the elastic!
TA-DA! All done!

Sorry these are the best pictures I got of the shorts! She wouldn't stop moving for just a second!

Now let me explain why I didn't get this posted and the mess on the patio! 
Behind Little K. 
See this:

This is our entertainment center, my husband is rebuilding this as we speak,
so my excuse is I was helping him cut this ugly early 90's thing apart.
That is why I didn't post this tutorial until today.
Our new entertainment center is almost done and looking amazing!
I am so excited!!!! 

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casserole said...

These are so awesome!! I linked to your tutorial and pattern over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


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