August 11, 2010

Embroidered Onesies

I made these for my niece who is now a 1 1/2 so, needless to say, these were done a while ago. 
We didn't have a lot of money then (and still don't) but I still wanted to give her something nice for the baby. It actually turned out the baby would be born in January, so instead of a baby shower we gave the baby Christmas presents. It was fun. 
Anyway, I planned the sizes out and everything. 
Because my sister used to live in Vegas at the time, it would be perfect. Hot summer, so the baby would be wearing a onesie and diaper. 
No.... my sister had her wear these under all her other clothes. 
(You can see I was/am a little bitter)
I went through a lot of effort for these. 
"Rock me to sleep"
"Meet me at the White House"
My sister's last name is White, get it?
This was going to have her name on it, but they didn't decide the name until after she was born.
The Aunt, would be me!
I like duckies!
This was mostly just to show you that just a little embroidery can go along way. 
Yes, things that have "heavy" embroidery can be beautiful, I myself am happy with just a little. 

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Kerstin said...

these are beautiful! Great job.

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