May 25, 2010

Maybe a little too big

My brother found this awesome 80's jacket in a suitcase while he was packing to go to Iowa, of course, I stole it.
I think I might have made this hat a little TOO big though. 
I made it as an experiment, but I will make this a little smaller.
(next purchase-CAMERA!)
It still is pretty cute big though, although slightly Jamaican.
Sorry for the blurry pictures, she was watching the Wiggles, so she was dancing. 


Beth said...

haha! That hat is fantastic!

MandeeFranee said...

found your blog over on Today's Creative Blog. NICE JOB on the hat! :) adorable wiggly hat model as well. ;)

Andrea @ said...

I like it. I have a suit jacket sitting around ready to be repurposed. This is a great idea!

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