April 19, 2010

Mine kind of Quilting

I am not a quilter, by definition. I am not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, the faster the better. I love sewing and I love quilting but it bugs me that you have to have so much fabric to make anything fun. So as a result I have 3 quilt "tops" done, but no backs for the them and I think I have only finished a total of 2 quilts in my life and one, I cheated and just put backing on for my mother. I am such a cheater. 

I discovered a quilt in a store that I loved and I though it was cute a fun all the different types of fabric used so I tried my hand at it. I used a lot of scraps and vintage fabric from my grandma. I love it. Simple and fun. Just a little time consuming sewing each square. But fun. I actually did some "chain" sewing, so I would sew a row then the next a "sew" forth.

I made the size to be for a crib, but I guess it could be a small lap quilt.
Look there are my feet! 

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