April 29, 2010

I was always jealous

I was always jealous of this dress, my older sister wore it all the time and I was so sad that it was too big for me. Well it is still too big, but I have it now, because well, it is a little out of style. I saw it in my refashion bin/ overflowing bag and decided to have some fun with it. It is not zipped up all the way because I threw it over my clothes that I was wearing and the zipper got caught in my shirt, so I just took some pictures with the dress like it was. Even though it is caught in my shirt and over the shorts I am wearing you can still tell what it looks like.

I got some inspiration from J Crews dresses for girls, but I put a little twist on it with a tab on the shoulder.

Now you have to help me decide 
2 shiny sparkle buttons or.....

One giant colorful button!
Please help me decide!! 


Selina said...

Giant button!

I just popped over from WR blog, I have pledged today too! I hope I can keep myself on track!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Stripped one!!!

xo Steph

Maggie said...

very cute. a vot for the big colourful button from me

Jen said...

Very cute! One big button is my vote.

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